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my FI and I are looking for a band for him, and are thinking we can get a better deal when we are in Vegas next weekend then we can up in Canada.
He likes this:
Some jewelry stores up here quoted us about $4000 for this ring (said they would have to custom make it), which I think is ridiculous for a simple design with no stones.

So, any stores in Vegas, or any American jewelry chain stores that you guys think would have something like this? I know we could just order it online, but would like to pick one out in person if possible.

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    That may be a hard one to find in a retail store due to the cost to stock such an item and level of demand.  Platinum is not a very popular metal for men since their wedding bands are typically a lot wider, and with platinum as soft as it is, it will show scratches very easily. 

    Tungsten and titanium can be made to look similar and either are nearly impervious to scratches while being almost as hard as diamond; for about a twentieth of the cost.  You might want to consider that.  I know in just seven months of wearing it, I've had several instances where I mashed my ring into something and took a look at it to see if there was any damage; the tungsten just keeps on ticking.

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    Ya, he originally saw that ring as Tungsten, but my ring and band are platinum, and we were leaning towards platinum for him as well, though he is not opposed to other metals.. 

    One problem with the Tungsten is we live wayyyyy up north, like our weather is calling for -38*C (-36*F) next week, and we were told that in the cold if Tungsten is dropped it will shatter! Kind of silly, but a legit concern for us up here!

    But saying that, do you know some stores off hand with a decent selection of tungsten?
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    Most any decent jewelry store, chain or otherwise, will have a variety of tungsten, titanium, stainless and traditional (gold/silver) mens bands as they can stock tons of them for a low cost.

    I've heard the shattering thing, that's going to depend entirely on the alloy used in the rings.  Unfortunately most jewelers will have absolutely no idea the actual percentages of each metal present so .  We have concrete floors in our house and I've dropped my ring quite a bit (I don't keep it on at home) and it hasn't shattered, but it's a lot warmer here.

    You could go titanium for about the same price, nearly as scratch resistant, and won't shatter.

    I personally went with tungsten specifically because it can be shattered.  Not by dropping, but by using vice grips.  I race cars and if I were in some type of wreck where they needed to get my ring off, a tungsten ring can be shattered using vice grips to break it, where a pliable metal has to be cut off, and that may or may not be possible given the condition of the finger it's on.

    Married in Vegas - June 2011

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    Try the Jewelers ....that's who we use
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    Just a shout out to our Canadian friends!!  (My FI is from New Brunswick and his brother lives in the tippy top of Quebec) :)  Sorry if I've already said hi - lol.
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