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Married and back with reviews!!!!

Hello Knotties.....I'm a little late, but I had a blast for our first trip to Vegas and our wedding!!! Here are some of my reviews:

Caesars - A+++++ We decided to stay at Caesars for our 3 nights in Vegas and boy am I glad we did!!!! They were super professional and our room was great!!! Super sized jacuzzi tub and all!!! We even got an extended check out time!!!

Little Chapel of the Flowers- A++++++ The staff and location was PERFECT!!! Our minister spoke with me before the ceremony and incorporated our kids into the sermon which was GREAT!! I highly recommend the First Look Service - Antonio didn't see me until I walked down the isle and that made it VERY special!!! 

GlamSquad - A++++++++++ Esther and James are AWESOME and FABULOUS!! Esther was super sweet and had my hair done in a flash!!! many other reviews have said is sent from HEAVEN!! I told him I wanted sexy eyes..and that's exactly what I got!!! He and I talked like we had known each other for years....I HIGHLY recommend their services!!!


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