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So I know yesterday I said I wasn't going to do flowers, but today they are back on and I'm genuinely happy.

Even though I didn't really want to, I contacted my WC to cancel my bridal party floral order since I couldn't justify spending the money that was quoted to me for what I originally asked for.  Today they called me and we talked about what I really wanted and what would make me happy on my day.  Just like atlcatlover said, they were willing to work within what I felt was a reasonable price.

I think what they are going to do is probably inline with what I was thinking in the first place.  I feel like today they do exactly what they are known for doing which is providing amazing customer service and making sure I'm happy with my decisions.

It's also nice because that was really the last major thing I needed to do for the wedding.  Now I just have to figure out music....

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