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Swing Songs??

My FI and I are going to take our first dance lessons today. We're hoping to do a swing dance. Any ideas for a good swing dance song? I was thinking "All Shook Up" by Elvis, or "Shake Rattle and Roll" by Bill Haley and the Comets. Woulld love other ideas though!

Re: Swing Songs??

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    Guami I sent you a PM its not realated to this thread though lol.. I was going to make a Guami thread but I seen you had just posted so I figured this was fine too :)

    I think any of these songs would be good or some songs by BIg Bad Voodoo Daddy would be good too!
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    I just sent one back. ;)  Thanks for the song suggestion!
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    Brian Setzer has some pretty decent stuff to dance to also...
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