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Re: funny sight with honest insights of vegas hotels

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    Good post for a lot of the newbies! :)
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    What a great site!  Thanks for posting Pamila!

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    Very interesting... but it's now making me question where we are staying! Ahhhh! Is staying at Mandalay really overpriced? I don't mean room prices but food, etc. I don't want our guests to be without reasonable food options.
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    vegas101010- Vegas is over priced haha. Well, at least the strip. I wouldn't say it is any worse than any other big casino/hotel.
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    I love this! Thanks Pamila for posting this site!!! And from I read on the hotels I've frequent most is true.

    vegas101010- I agree with dvohnout, Vegas is overpriced on the strip, but there's some great deals too, you just have to do your research. I think Vegas is slowly going back to the great deals of what made it famous, like the $1.99 steak and eggs of back in the day. For example, the Flamingo has $1 burger and fries, you just have to go after hrs, and order water and it's a great deal.
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