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Maggiano's set up

Hi everyone,

I am a maggiano's bride and I am having a big long table, will they allow me to decorate the table as I wish, if I drop the items off the day before? Any one care to share their experiences, thanks :-)

Re: Maggiano's set up

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    Im so jealous. I have the abruzzi room, and want a big long table but they say there is no room for it due to the pillar. From what I have heard from other brides, they do allow you to drop your stuff off a day or so early so thatit is there for them to set up before your arrival. You would just need to prearrangeit.
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    Excellent, it's just some place name cards, tea lights and paper butterflies. Ah we are in the di carlo I have a small party of 18 I am so excited....At least you have the balcony with yours though
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