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Mandalay Bay vs Platinum Hotel Ceremony/Reception?

I'm totally new here and moments away from booking a Valley of the Falls ceremony and the Vista In-Suite for a cocktail/appetizer reception with an outside vendor at the MB. I originally wanted the Tropical Sunset Beach ceremony for an ADDITIONAL $2,550 but the ONLY time slot they offered me was 8pm.....Umm? Isn't it DARK at 8pm? For close to 3 G's additional for a 20 min ceremony in the dark? No thanks. Plus, I'm sort of freaked out by the photog limitations and outrageous prices for additional photos. I'm a wanna-be photog so pics are my thing. I just don't want to go broke on an hours long bash...

Then I discovered the gem of the Platinum Hotel and full kitchen suites. Anyone have a price list for them? I am awaiting my email from their WC.

My date is 8/30/12 and my budget is under $6k for everything (ceremony/reception). I plan to host no more than 50 guests, but who knows? Expecting 30-40.

What are your opinions on these two place?. Any other thoughts? PLEASE ADVISE.

Re: Mandalay Bay vs Platinum Hotel Ceremony/Reception?

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    I love the Platinum. There have been a couple brides on this board who have already had weddings at the Platinum, and a few more with upcoming weddings. They were just amazing to work with. The rooms are incredible- especially the tub. We had a group rate of $129 for the standard rooms, though many of us got upgraded to the Princess Suite for free. One night we booked the Marquise Suite for our rehearsal dinner, and I think that was $399 or $499, I can't remember right now. My mind is still blown when I think of that suite.

    I used Kil@wat and the pool deck, with my ceremony and dancing on the pool deck, but for your group size and budget, Misora and the rooftop area would probably fit you better. If Marie is still the coordinator, she is fabulous. I really feel like you get way more "bang for your buck" at the Platinum. HOWEVER, it is not on the strip. It's about a 10-15 minute walk or a $5-$10 cab ride. But you still get a lovely view. I really loved it.
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    I am one of the upcoming platinum brides! And i looked at Mandalay as well - for me i just couldn't justify the extra money for the VOF ceremony even though i had a teary moment standing there looking at how beautiful it was.

    We aren't going to stay at the Platinum simply because it's not on strip - i'm hoping i don't regret it because i've heard nothing but wonderful things as the PP said as well about the rooms - but for us being on strip and in a gaming hotel are definite requirements. 

    I think for your numbers you should be good for the budget. Our all inclusive based on 60 people was $11,600 (this is the ceremony, food (we are doing stations and apps, so a cocktail reception really but the option for a sit down mean was there,  photographer for 4 hours, dj for 4 hours, open bar at the silver level, upgraded chairs to chivari, flowers, suite for 1 night, champagne toast, and it includes a tasting as well) this includes the taxes and gratuity. 

    Marie has just left (as i found out yesterday when her emails were coming back to me lol) Miya is the new contact - though Nicole is the one i dealt with up front. Miya got back to me very quickly yesterday

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    Trust me, we are getting married at Valley of the Falls and I can understand your hesitation over the price. I debated back and forth over it. However, we ended up going with it. I have the Eco Chic package where it already comes with the ceremony at VOF so it wasn't an add on to another package. The total was $2800 but I'm assuming MB changed their packages as shortly after I booked, I no longer saw it on their website and I also saw some new ones that they didn't have before. Whether your ceremony is at MB, the Platinum or somewhere else I'm sure you'll find something beautiful and that works for you. Good luck!

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    Thanks, Ladies.

    Do any of you know if you can use the Platinum Hotel Marquise Suite for an in-suite reception with a caterer?

    I'm SO close to making my decision!
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    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:91Discussion:4023a22a-add2-4a3b-b0d9-518d9f2d6e7dPost:c3389a8d-a727-40ff-8de6-fceb9610a152">Re: Mandalay Bay vs Platinum Hotel Ceremony/Reception?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Thanks, Ladies. Do any of you know if you can use the Platinum Hotel Marquise Suite for an in-suite reception with a caterer? I'm SO close to making my decision!
    Posted by krisstyle12[/QUOTE]

    I think 30-40 people would be pretty crowded in there. It's a 2 bedroom suite and a lot of the square footage is taken up by the bedrooms and bathrooms. Add the kitchen and furniture, and I'm not sure it would be comfortable. We had about 20 people in there for a casual rehearsal dinner, and it was perfect. You could probably fit 30, but I don't think I'd go beyond that.

    We had a bunch of In-n-Out burgers brought in by my gracious FIL and then Jason's Deli delivered salads. We didn't have any issues.
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    Hello Ladies!

    Guess what? I'm still going back and forth between these two and MUST make my decision before I go nuts and take all my loved ones down with me.

    What do you think and what would you do?

    We have are inviting about 50 people--not sure how many will make it. There will be a few kids there, the youngest being my OWN and will be 2 & 5 at the time.

    OPTION 1 (already booked)
    Mandalay Bay Vista Suite Reception
    Guests meet at MB, board double decker bus or limo bus
    Ceremony at Tahiti Village Waterfall
    Board double decker/limo for 2 hour strip tour and photos on strip with a pro photog
    Arrive back at MB for a cocktail party in the Vista Suite
    Heavy apps thru Masterpiece Catering
    Our own liquor, but an Absolute bartender
    iPod music where we can dance if we want to

    I'm worried about being stressed out by the different vendors, worried about the transportation with the kids, worried about being kicked out of the Vista suite because we DO like hip-hop music and can sometimes be considered loud.

    Option 2:
    The Platinum Hotel All Inclusive Package
    Everything is included from the terrace ceremony, officiant, flowers, 4 hr photog, videography, then on to a 4 hour reception with a full open bar and a buffet meal with up to 10 options.

    I'm not the traditional girl (at all) so the 4 hour reception block sort of freaks me out, but I do LOVE that everything is included, it's a classy place, it's family friendly for my kids and parents, no smoking, no gambling...Love that. I love that they have full kitchens in the suites, huge plus with kids. They can just throw a pizza in the oven and play the wii in our suite if they want to. It's a little more expensive than option 1 and not as crazy, wild and fun.

    What would you do?
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