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Harmony Artistry

For those of you that are using her/have used her for your hair and makeup, was the trial included in the price of $130? (I thought it was...)

I only ask because I set up my hair and makeup a LONG time ago.  And actually had paid in full for myself, and my two girls.  But didn't set up a trial because I wasn't sure what day/time I wanted to do it on.  Well in the last few weeks I figured out when I wanted to do it but couldn't for the life of me find her booking information (it wasn't in the same spot as it was when I booked my actual appts).  Anyways I emailed her to see if she could add my mom in for hair and she said she could, so with that email came another one that had said my appointment had changed.  So I clicked and was able to get to the booking site.

ANYWAYS.... I guess what I'm trying to get at is now it looks like she charges $30 for a trial.  I mean really it's not that much but I guess I just wasn't expecting it.  And I guess had I known that before when I booked - I would have just picked a random day/time just to get on the schedule...... 

I guess this is kind of a rant and am sort of kicking myself for not setting this up sooner :/ 

ETA:  I guess her rates in general just went up .... For those of you that are curious at what I'm looking at CLICK HERE but her rates on her website still look the same but there is no mention of a trial anywhere...

EDIT AGAIN:  She emailed me back, and I guess she is in the middle of updating her websites.  So I just happened to log in at the completely wrong time today to see the different prices.  Also her prices are going up but she did honor all the prices she quoted me originally (for my mom since I just added her on the appt)  and also said that my trial is included.  All worked up over nothing...
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Re: Harmony Artistry

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