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How to get a "go phone" Internationally

Hey all- i need a disposable cellular phone with a Vegas area code so I do t have to pay $2 a minute- but need the number before I go to the states so I can put it on the "contact card" each guest is getting. Does anyone know how to do this? Most cell companies won't ship internationally... Thanks again.
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Re: How to get a "go phone" Internationally

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    Have you tried calling random cell phone stores in Vegas and asking if you could purchase a pre-paid phone by credit card and have them ship it to you, or maybe just hold it for you for pickup when you get there as long as they activate it and send you the number?

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    If you have a phone that is unlocked, all you need to do is get a sim card with a north-american carrier. As long as your phone works in the North American frequency (all newer phones do). So you can just go to verizon and ask them for pay-as-you go. Or you can choose another carrier and just get a sim.
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