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Mandalay Bay Vista Suite Reception Catering


I am getting married at MB and having the reception in the Vista Suite. After looking around at other options I decided to go with MB catering. I know alot of people use this suite for receptions but use outside catering, I was just wondering why? The price for the MB catering is a little pricey I know but they do take care of everything.
Also have any one used MB catering, how was it?

Re: Mandalay Bay Vista Suite Reception Catering

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    mloeksmloeks member
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    i think you answered our question...because they are pricey and it may not fit within the couple's budget.
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    aerinpegadrakaerinpegadrak member
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    It's mainly cost.  I didn't even consider MB's catering because I knew it was going to be way out of our price range, and they don't make a stink like other hotels (mainly MGM) about bringing in someone else.
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    bwinkoppbwinkopp member
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    I am using the MB catering for my wedding in Sept.  I just love the idea of not stressing over anything.  They will be there on time, have a great reputation of class, and the cake is included!!!  Also, IMO (mind you I do live in a city where hamburgers cost $15) it is reasonably priced.  I do not like how they do not have a TON of vegitarian plates, but most people do not have to worry about that, and why should my guests all suffer eatting gross veggies because I do not eat meat?!
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