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Hello All,
Just wondering if anyone has had Jaimie as their coordinator at Mandalay Bay. I know they are all pretty good but just wanted to hear of any personal experiences or stories. Thanks guys, hope everyone is having a fabulous day.
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Re: Mandalay Bay Coordinator

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    Jaimie's my coordinator, she been great to work with so far. She's helped me so much already and I still have 7 1/2 months till my wedding. I really like her!
  • starryeyed77starryeyed77 member
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    I have Jaimie too.  She is really great at responding quickly to my tedious questions! ;)
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    We have Jaimie, too.  She's been pretty responsive, but I have not needed to contact her much since booking the wedding last April.  Our final paperwork is due in December, so I'll need to contact her soon!
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  • lsvenssonlsvensson member
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    I have Jaimie as well.  She's pretty good so far-- I think she's out of the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays (or something like that) but she's still pretty quick at responding to emails.
  • Sophia1913Sophia1913 member
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    I have Aleena.  So far so good.  I've only communicated with her via email but she's pretty much responded pretty fast and has been able to answer all my questions.

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  • superxer01superxer01 member
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    I had Jaimie for my August wedding and she was pretty good.  I did email her quite a bit (I was going back and forth on what kind of bouquet upgrade I wanted), and she usually got back to me within a day.

    She was on top of things, very patient with me and friendly too.  I liked her! 
  • windfallinwindfallin member
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    I asked this question in a different thread, but I'll ask it here too since my day is quickly approaching!   I have a MB coordinator, too - how much do you plan on tipping yours?   I honestly can't figure out what would be an appropriate amount.  She's been good.  Answers questions very quickly. I have found that the MB coordinators don't offer a lot of suggestions, but are good to answer you and get you what you want.  I wish they would offer more up front though.  Anyway, let me know what you think about the tip.  Thanks!!
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