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DIY tasting kit review--Gimme Some Sugar

So, sorry for the delay on my reviews of this but I have had a sick kitty.
We tried the following cakes:

Sexy Red Velvet
White Butter
Chocolate Covered Strawberry

And the following filings:

Cream Cheese
Chocolate Ganache
Peanut Butter

We had a get together with  my future inlaws and all of us were pretty unanimous on our decision....

We all felt the sexy red velvet cake was very disappointing.  It was dry and crumbly and didn't have much flavor.

The chocolate cake was very yummy.

Everyone's favorite cake flavor was the white butter cake.  This is VERY surprising to me because I LOVE CHOCOLATE and have always found white cake very boring...and this was my favorite!

The chocolate covered strawberry was good...but not as good as we expected it to be.

Everyone disliked the peanut butter filing.  (By itself and which each cake flavor)

The chocolate ganache was good.  (I would give it a B)

The cream cheese was EXCELLENT.  Everyone completely loved it!

So....we totally are surprised at our choices...before going into the tasting we would have ordered the chocolate covered strawberry for the bottom tier and chocolate cake with unknown filing for one of the other tiers and sexy red velvet with unknown filing for another tier....

What we are doing after the tasting:

Bottom tier and top tier are going to be the White Butter Cake with the Cream Cheese Filing and the Middle Tier will be Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese Filing.

I guess you never know until you actually try!

Re: DIY tasting kit review--Gimme Some Sugar

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    Yumm you just made me want cake!!
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    I'm glad you found a flavor u loved. I can't wait to do the kit! Thanks for the reviews.
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    haha!   we just did our tasting as well and we LOVED the red velvet and didn't like the white cake at all.  shows how personal food (and in this case cake) choice is :)

    but i will agree 100% with the cream cheese filling being absolutely amazing!

    we're getting a red velvet/cream cheese cake, and then i'm surprising my fiance with a lemon cake/lemon curd grooms cake (we ordered both lemon items to try and we really enjoyed them - they were his fav)
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    Amanda--was your red velvet dry and crumbly?  That was our main issue with it.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: DIY tasting kit review--Gimme Some Sugar</a>:
    [QUOTE]Amanda--was your red velvet dry and crumbly?  That was our main issue with it.
    Posted by 11Vegas7[/QUOTE]
    no, not at all.  all of the cakes we tasted were moist.
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    I also got a kit from them and all the cakes were moist. I would tell Miranda (or who you're dealing with) that you got a dry cake, I bet they'll send you another one for free to make it up to you---don't lose out on a possible flavor you may like.

    Our favorite was the Oreo w/ Oreo frosting...that will be on the grooms cake!

    I *still* am not sure of my wedding cake flavors!
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