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Bringing your own Minister

I am getting married in Hawaii and am wondering if anyone knows if its ok to bring your own minister? My FH's cousin is an ordained minister and is coming to the wedding and offered to do the ceremony. Just wondering if there would be any legal issues. Any info would be helpful!

Re: Bringing your own Minister

  • Find out the requirements for officiants in the municipality in which you're getting married.  They vary from state to state, and even in some states, from county to county.

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  • An officiant usually has to be licensed in the state where he or she wants to marry a couple, or at least that is the case in my state (I think).  Just say "hey officiant, we'd love for you to marry us for our DW in Hawaii, but we don't know if that's possible. Can you help us check into the licensing stuff so that the marriage is legal?"  
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