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Meet and Greet recs please-can't find past post

The FI and I were just talking about where/what we should do for our meet and greet. Our reception will be at Joes so we were talking about American restaurants. Any recs or any place for that matter? We are getting married at CP so I'd like somewhere not too far from CP. I'm thinking the price range is under $25. That's just a guesstimate for now. Thank you in advance. Diamond
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Re: Meet and Greet recs please-can't find past post

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    If you want to do something fun you could do a double decker bus tour of the strip for everyone. I believe rates are 135 an hour with tax, gratuity, and fuel charges included. You can also bring your own alcohol on, as long as it isn't in glass bottles.
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    Are you wanting food or just fun and drinks for $25/pp?

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    Hey, we've not looked into it properly yet. But myself and Fi are thinking of quite an informal m&g at the rainforest cafe in mgm, reasonably priced and I love the food and that its a bit different x
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    Rainforest Cafe like PP mentioned we did as a "we're eating here at xxx time- if you're around feel free to drop by" type of thing the following day of the wedding... I'd say it probably ended up being more than $25 per person once the tax/gratuity was added in though...

    Have you considered Burger Barn?
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    I was thinking of the meal around $25 although we still haven't talk it over yet with the p's (so $25 is a guesstimate) and some place that we don't have here at home.  So the Rainforest and Cheesecake is out. 

    Where is Burger Barn?   
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    Has anyone been to Americas at NYNY?  Any feedback?
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    We had our welcome dinner at Yolos, in Planet Hollywood.

    There is the option of a set menu. The cost for a 3-course meal starts from $25 per head plus taxes and gratuities. You can see the menus here:

    Yolös is bursting with personality!

    If you can’t tell from the glowing 13 foot hot pink margarita fountain then maybe the bright pink décor will give it away. With warm energy and a contemporary trendy design, a smile will definitely be brought to your face. The ceiling is lined with hot pink beams and orange and pink accents adorn the room.
    This urban cantina is sure to get you eating and drinking tequila like there is no mañana!

    Although getting it organised was a pain, the actual venue , vibe and atmosphere itself was great and I have it an A - here was my review:

    We had our welcome dinner here in Planet Hollywood. Dealing with ARK group dining has been quite traumatic for a few of us on these boards! I really could not recommend them in this respect.

    I starting speaking with Keith 6 months ago, booked 3 months ago and only last week did they finally charge my deposit. I had to chase them many times for banquet orders and they did not email me for final numbers, I had to contact them. In the end I complained to an ARK manager and the service suddenly got a lot better.

    Keith apologised via email and told me that he would personally be there on the night to welcome me and our guests.

    Our reservation was for 7:30 (we were told we had to have everyone seated at this time) – so I said we would be there for 7pm to allow our guests to be given their welcome drinks. I was the first to arrive and no one at the bar had a clue about our reservation, let alone any drinks mixed to hand out.

    Suddenly Keith and Staci (the manager) appeared and seemed flustered that we were there ‘early’. They hurriedly mixed up some drinks but there was no lounge area to drink them like they told me, so they had to be served at the table which meant everyone had to sit down straight away and did not get the chance to mingle.

    The food itself was very good, and the waiter service was excellent. Keith and Staci were hovering to make sure we were happy, and they apologised again at the end. One thing which was a bit odd was that Keith said maybe I could ‘email his manager with how well the night went, she really loves those emails’. She actually emailed me herself the next day, checking that it was all fine.

    In short – organising group dining at Yolos - F
    Yolos restaurant vibe, food and service – A
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    Thanks Gribbles! I'll check them out. :-).
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