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Were you or your FI hungover after the wedding?

Re: Hangovers?

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    Yes, but that's because we stayed up gambling until 6:30AM. Neither of us were super drunk from the actual wedding, we paced ourselves pretty well.
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    No, but we're not "booze" people. I don't like alcohol and only enjoy a sip of champagne if the occasion calls for it. On the wedding day we had the traditional toast after the ceremony plus another during the reception. I think hubby had a glass of wine during our intimate dinner at the Eiffel tower restaurant, but other than that we only got drunk with love :)
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    We were more tired than anything.  We paced ourselves and ended up back in the room at 6 am.  We drank a good amount but didn't want to be feeling bad the next day since we were to hang out with family and friends.
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