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Announcements about watching the wedding?

Hi all. I figured this is the best board to post this on and I figure the etiquette girls would have a field day if I posted over there. Quick background-my FI and I are going to Vegas in August with his two kids-11 and 18- to get married. The kids will know of the wedding when the limo pulls up to take us to the airport. They know we talk of a wedding someday but don't know the date. We have had to do it this way due to a mentally ill ex-wife (who des not take her meds). Sadly, the little girl has missed every significant event in our family life-including her own birthday party-due to her mom. They know we are going on vacation and planning a big fancy dinner but not of the wedding. 

So in Vegas, there will only be the four of us and we are getting married at Mandalay Bay's shark reef. We are not planning any type of party afterwards. It's the second wedding for me, third for him so we are doing it a bit untraditional. anyway, I have worked with an amazing group of women who are nurses for almost 5 years. They were so supportive when I went through my divorce 3 1/2 years ago and have watched my new relationship grow. They cried when they saw a picture of my dress and always ask all details. Anyway, since MB posts the ceremony on-line if we pay extra, this is an option I want. I want to get announcements with the wed address and details so they can tune in and watch. I was thinking of using Vistaprint. We won't send them until right before we leave and may send them to our family as well (not all our family knows). With each of my co-workers announcements, I would include a letter of how much their support has meant to me. Opinions on the announcements?
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