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Live music ideas for my lunch reception?

Alright- I am having my wedding @ CP Venus Garden, and I have finally signed a contract w/ Canaletto's in the Venetian for my lunch reception.

Now one of my last steps for entertainment planning is to decide what kind of music to have at my reception.

I want to at least have a first dance, but I was also considering having live light jazz music playing while we eat dinner, etc. I have already looked into Travis Allen, which I am highly considering, however I want to make sure I am not overlooking any good piano soloists (or other instrumentalists) in the area that are reasonably priced. Especially since I am afraid of what guests may think of an Elvis impersonator coming.

Do you all have any suggestions? It would be especially helpful if the person sings! I feel like a first dance without words and just instrumental isnt the real deal...

Suggestions please! Thank you!

Re: Live music ideas for my lunch reception?

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    edited December 2011
    I am using Chandler Judkins of Las Vegas Event Music for a DJ.  He is also taking care of our String Quartet.  I don't have the website with me but if you Google Las Vegas Wedding Music it's one of the first choices on the page.  There at tons of options for you to choose from!
    Hope that helps.
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