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Reception "escort cards"? and + questions

I was thinking about making simple little cards to let guests know what suite number they should go to for the reception. Not that we'll have many guests but having someone directing the group to the suite as if they were sheep doesn't seem nice, or we could make an announcement...? 
What do you think?

This brings me to my other question - so far we've thought about having our pictures taken while the guests make their way to the reception to get started on hors d'oeuvres ... is this appropriate? Of course they don't have to... Should I mention that they can do whatever in the meantime? How long is ok to make "cocktail hour" last? 
I'm confused.

Re: Reception "escort cards"? and + questions

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    When we were going to do an insuite at Aria I had like buisness cards made up on I used our monogram and left a blank for the room number and was going to fill it in when we checked in. I got 250(the min) for like 3 bucks with a promo code. Was soo worth it. They turned out soo cute...but we threw them away since we switched locations. It didnt bother me since I only invested 3 bucks. I did order at the same time cards for our shutterfly website that we are going to put out at the reception as well as in the thank you cards (pic in my planning site).

    As far as cocktail hour...Im not sure. We are having a gap between ceramony and reception, from 3ish to 5:30. We will be doing pictures on the strip and I figured it will give guests time to get from Caesars to Trump.
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    Hi!!! As were getting married outside im doing fans with order of the day on and ill leave a gap to put the room number in. I dont think its bad at all letting the guests go to the reception u can then make an entrance as Mr and Mrs getting the best man to announce it or something. I would say abour 1.5 hr is about right?
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    1.5 hours sounds like a nice plan Nadia :)
    junebug - it's nice that your ceremony/strip tour don't fall  on meal time. Our ceremony is at one and will be up in 30-40 minutes, which means that the guests will be hungry and I'd like to give them the opportunity to go up and eat ... is making them wait for over an hour rude?

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    ive been to a wedding that had more than an hour gap and the ceramony & reception were at the same place. The bride & groom along with the bridal party took pics outside while we sat inside starving to death for an hour and 1/2 and their wedding was at 5pm. We didnt eat before hand so FI whined the whole time. Once they finally came in they had to do the grand entrace that took every bit of 25 minutes (!) and then first dance followed by toats that took another 30 minutes (7 people gave toasts).

    Anywayyy...I dont think 1 hour is a big deal at all...especially since you are giving them apps/hors dourves.
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