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Big CHECK! Now some questions

Booked Platinum hotel for our ceremony and reception Sunday 9/2/2012! Labor day weekend. Nicole was great and so flexible. I feel like I didn't even have a ton of questions because she answered most of them already. The spot was perfect for what we are looking for and I feel really affordable. We have about 150 invites, Im guessing around 80 people will come! We chose Kilawat (even though I loved the view at Misora) and buffet dinner with upgraded bar!

I also order Retro bakery cupcakes while I was there delivered to my hotel. The were tasty and I literally ordered one of every flavor....but I feel like they were previously frozen and not as good as I expected?

Now for some timing questions....Friday we want to do bachlor/bachlorette parties. Should I just invite all the "women" that are coming to the wedding to this? I don't know how I would invite some but not others. We will probably just do drinks in the hotel room then out/ chippendales/something like that. But I don't plan on paying for anyone.

Saturday I was thinking double decker bus with everyone maybe 5-7pm? Then just dinner after with family/wedding party...everyone else can go off for dinner/explore vegas on their own??? I cant afford to feed the whole wedding guest list two nights in a row haha.

Then Sunday will be the wedding!

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    very exciting! I'm a platinum bride myself, on the 29th of September, we're doing misura, upgraded bar and apps / stations, and we're using retro bakery as well - our tasting was great - we did the same thing lol tried a dozen flavours! :) 

    I think your plan sounds good - we're doing a similar set up and have similar expected numbers. Bachelor/ette on Thursday night - dinner and drinks and maybe a show - thinking Absinthe looks good. And I think you do all the women - those who aren't up to it won't come, but i figure if they've trekked all the way to vegas they can come along for the party if they feel up to it!

    NIght before the wedding night same sort of thing, family dinner and wedding party only - we're doing it at Firefly. We're doing the double decker bus after the wedding to take people down to fremont to whoop it up forthe rest of the night though.

    congratulations!! its exciting once things like this all start coming together and get booked :)
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    Yay congrats to you as well. I LOVED Misora, that view was amazing. But unfortunately i thought it would be to small for how many we are expecting. I think we will have around 100 guests there. How many are you expecting?

    Any ideas for dinner for your bachlorette? How are you wording it so everyone knows they are paying for theselves? I figure people SHOULD know that cause at a normal bachlorette party they would be expected to, I just didnt want any confusion.

    I also want to do my rehearsal dinner at firefly. We have about 20-25 of us though and I was told the minimum was $2000....and we wouldnt meet that with their packages, even with adding on the bar package?? whatd they tell you?

    Also- are you staying at the platinum? what about your guests?
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    we have 100 invited, and expect (HOPE!) that it will be about 60-70. When we booked the space we had about 30 less on the guest list, but that's usually the way! 

    Not sure about location for dinner yet for the girls night - i would like to start at margaritaville for those delicious perfect margaritas, but thinking maybe wicked spoon as well. I think everyone realizes they are paying, because ultimatley the invite is coming from my MOH and there's no way she'd be paying for everyone! 

    For firefly, we aren't doing a private room, so that may be why we didn't have ot worry about the minimum. We have 16 and we are doing the 4 course (35 per person) and just ordering drinks by the pitcher rather than an open bar. So i expect after taxes and drinks the whole meal will come to about $1000.

    We aren't staying at the Platinum despite all the fantastic reviews about it - i love beingon strip and i love having a casino to pop into so that put it out of the running. We decided on teh flamingo so that guests would be more inclined to stay at the same hotel as us - gives a better range of affordable rates than some of the others we looked at. I think it will be more fun if everyone stays at the same hotel. Plus its a great location, middle of the action and alot of our guests havent been to vegas before, want them to get the full experience :)
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    I'd keep the bachelorette/bachelor parties to just close friends if possible.  I guess it's all personal preference, but more isn't always merrier for that kind of party, especially if booze is involved.  I took my seven best friends on my bach party and it was perfect.

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