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Nevada-Las Vegas

Wedding Reviews 10/20/12 - Part 1 (long)

Hello everyone! Here are my reviews, hope they help. I didn’t post a ton on this site, but I read it every day. It really helped me plan my big day. You guys are awesome!

Flamingo Hotel – I hate to write this review because I am normally a huge fan of the Flamingo. Right now they are doing construction on the Linq/Imperial Palace. They literally started banging at 6:40 AM every morning. Several of my guests had to change rooms due to the noise and I personally changed rooms 3 times. They were really unhelpful when trying to move rooms and one lady kept repeatedly telling me that I should not be hearing any noise related to construction in the room I was in. When I told her that there was a really loud metal banging on metal noise starting around 6:30 AM and I thought it was construction related, she just kept saying that I shouldn’t be hearing it. I promise you, I was hearing it. The rooms themselves were fine; I just did not get any sleep the first 3 nights of my trip. The final room we were staying in was facing Bills/Ballys/Bellagio so we did not hear any construction. No problems with the pool or casino or anything else

Fit For a Bride – I shipped my dress out a month early with tracking and insurance and it got to Fit For a Bride fine. They called within an hour of its arrival to let me know it arrived fine. I went to pick it up a couple of days prior to the wedding and it was ready to go. Debi took my mother and I in a private room to show me that it was steamed and ready to go. She had it packaged very prettily with bright tissue paper. You could tell she actually cared about us and wanted her job to be done right. Everything was perfect.

Total Experiences – I think Amber was supposed to be working with my group, but Dallas is the one who actually sent us the info about the room block and helped me book a suite for the boys to party in the night before the wedding. Dallas was really helpful right up until the week before the wedding. I emailed him twice about setting up a shuttle to our reception, with no response. Left a voicemail, no response. Then randomly, Amber began emailing my father asking if we would like to set up a shuttle. I immediately called her, and supposedly she had no idea that Dallas had been working with us! In any case, I gave her my credit card number and told her we would need 2 shuttles leaving from the Flamingo to Venetian at 12:45 on 10/20. She said she would check with Dallas so it didn’t get double booked, and then she would send an email confirmation. Right after that, Dallas called to confirm that we needed 2 shuttles leaving from the Flamingo to Venetian at 12:45 on 10/20. He also said he would email me a confirmation. Fast forward to 3 days before the wedding and I have heard nothing from Dallas or Amber regarding shuttles. Then Amber emails my father an order for one shuttle leaving from the Flamingo to Venetian at 12:45 on 10/20. I called her back to let her know that we needed 2 and she said she would send another confirmation updated to show 2 shuttles. I never ever heard back from her again. I left her a voicemail the night before the wedding and heard nothing. As you can imagine, I was freaking out a little. The shuttles were booked through bell trans, so I called them the morning of the wedding and they confirmed that 2 shuttles were ordered and they had my credit card number and everything was good to go. When we went to get on the shuttles, the drivers would not leave until we paid them cash. The drivers said they were instructed by total experiences to accept cash day of. I didn’t have enough cash on me to pay for the shuttles, so my Dad ended up just paying it. It was really a huge hassle, and I really think total experiences should just stick with room blocks since they can’t seem to get other stuff right. I have to say the room block was exactly as it should be and Dallas delivered on that end – but that’s about it. Communication is not their forte. I wish I had known they were booking the shuttles through bell trans, because then I would have taken care of it myself and worked directly with them.
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