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Dumb Transportation Question

This is really directed to those Wynn/Maggiano's brides.

How did you get folks from the Wynn to Maggiano's? Did you just let them cross the bridge? 

It seems a bit silly to rent a car / limo/ bus just to get folks across the street, but at the same time, I'm concerned about making my bridal party cross the bridge in heels and tuxes in the August Vegas heat. There are 6 girls and 5 guys in the BP. Foot in mouth

I was thinking of making my brother (who's in the wedding as a groomsman) shuttle my bridal party back and forth in my parent's SUV (they live in Vegas now) if nothing else came to mind. But I was just wondering how other brides did this.

Any ideas would be mucho appreciated! Thanks in advance!

PS. My reception is taking place almost immediately following the ceremony, so no photo tours etc. 

Re: Dumb Transportation Question

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    Yeah, I think there's a bridge they can cross over but I'm not 100% sure.
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    I was just there & there isn't a bridge, you just cross the street. It's sooo close, no need for transportation.
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