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Room Blocking for guests?

Hi lovely knotties!

I've been lurking here and there commenting on a few posts, I wouldn't say I'm breaking out but I do have a question hopefully y'all can give me some insight on?

Getting married at The Palms in June, and want to block some rooms for guests but their block contract has an attrition stipulation where we will have to pay for a percentage of unbooked rooms!  Not an ideal worry for us to take on... are there any hotels aroundthat do courtesy (ie free) room blocking or are we going to have to suck it up and possibly pay if no one books?!

Groupon has had some great Palms packages too which has allowed FI and me to come down from our hometown of Seattle to check things out and get things done beforehand in person.  I will probably post a message about keeping eyes open for groupons for my guests as well on our website... they have been some bomb deals!

sorry so long. Bottom line: what (if any) hotels do courtesy room blocking? or how do we guess/decide how many to block if we go with attrition?


Re: Room Blocking for guests?

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    I blocked off 10 rooms at NY NY.  There was a $500 depost due upon blocking the rooms, but we were staying there anyways so basically that $500 is for our room.  If no one stays there besides us we don't have to pay anything else.  As long as we stay there.  And if something horrible happens like we decide not to get married in vegas or whatever we can cancel prior to 30 days and get our money back...  Not sure how other hotels work though.
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    That is the first I've heard of a big name resort having that type of policy.  I did a block at Mandalay and Luxor for our guests, neither one had any deposit or payment requirement if they didn't get booked, and that was a good thing because a room block rate is typically nowhere near as good as you can do using online coupons, etc.

    So the way ours worked is we specified the number of rooms we wanted blocked, they told us what the block rate would be, gave us a code and the blocks would be released 30 days before wedding date.  I'm sure we used very few of our blocked rooms because on our wedding website we told guests what coupons to use to get better rates.  The block only comes in handy if the hotel sells out before your guests all book since otherwise they're just spending more money than they have to.

    Maybe the Palms block policy is to hold the rooms until the wedding date?  That is the only reason I could see it making any sense for them to charge you a fee since they would not have enough time to book them for someone else.  I'd probably just not do a block and keep your guests updated on useful coupon codes.

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    One of the hotels we were going to use charged a fee, we didn't go with them. Out of the 4 hotels we did room blocks at only one of them was used the other 3 were not.

    Palms is nice, but will all of your guests want to stay there?  We did Monte Carlo, Caesars, Luxor and The Orleans, all for free.

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    We did a room block at the Platinum. We didn't have a set number, guest just had to book by one month prior (9/14). We ended up with 19 reservations. Mostly family (aunts/uncles/cousins), because they all wanted to stay at the same hotel, b/c they don't get to meet up very often.
    I also put up on our wedding website the room block & rate plus links to get great rates at hotels on the strip (smartervegas, facebook, etc)

    My friends that go to Vegas already have hotels that they prefer to stay at, so most of them are scattered. I've got people at Excalibur, Tropicana, Aria, Mandalay Bay and Hard Rock. They've found what works for them. It's their money and their vacation time, so as long as they can get to the wedding at the right time...
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    We blocked only at one hotel-The Golden Nugget.  I blocked two room types for 4 nights.  They were released back 30 days out.  No cost to me and I think that 95% of our guests took advantage.  2 guests had time shares that they used (although I think they may have stayed at the GN on Saturday night).

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    I used Total Experiences for room blocks at Caesars and Flamingo and their rates we really good.  I also had room blocks at Riviera, Ramada, and Alexis Park.  None charged me and I would say only like 20% of our people are using the room blocks. 
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    I am getting married at Caesars on December 17.  They're offering me a room block with the following details:
    $79/room/night, even on Friday and Saturday when the rooms are normally $149.  They gave me a 1-800 number, group name, and password.  I'm including all of this on a card to stick in my invitations as well as on my wedding website (  Each guest is responsible for making his or her own reservations and just has to pay for one night up front.  Everyone just has to book before 30 days prior to the event because extra rooms will be released at that time.  
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    AmandaDJ - you might want to take out that link to your website. That site seems directed towards your guests as it has a lot of personal information that you might not want internet strangers knowing about. Internet safety is important, lots of crazies out there
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