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Brunch Buffet reccomendation in Vegas

I don't remember who was looking for a brunch buffet, but I remember reccomending Bellagio & Rio....

But my darling little brother just came got back from Vegas and had 2 great reccomendations (He's a super-picky, ex-waiter, world travelling, food snob!)

Jasmine at bellagio (brunch runs about $45-50pp but you get the fountain show too.
He also reccomended Verandah at 4 Seasons.  Said its about $35pp w/o bloody Mary's or Mimosa's or about $45pp with the alcohol.

Found a review of Jasime on - thought it was pretty decent blog.
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Re: Brunch Buffet reccomendation in Vegas

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    i'm hungry now.
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    I used to run a Vegas brunch group on Meetup so I've been to tons of places.  I'm assuming you want to stay on the strip, right?  Is it a weekend?  There are way more on Sat and Sun obviously.  The 2 he recommended are excellent.  I also like 

    Sterling Brunch @ Ballys,  pricey but awesome
    Mon Ami Gabi @ Paris
    Country Club @ Wynn
    Mesa Grill @ Caesars 
    Hash House at Imperial Palace, I've only been to the off-strip location, but its awesome with huge portions.  

    Some fun themed ones:
    Tacos n Tequila has a Mariachi Brunch, never been but might be kinda fun, I think Hussongs has one also.  
    Gospel Brunch at House of Blues
    Jazz Brunch at BB Kings

    Some of those aren't buffets and I know you mentioned that 

    My fave buffet is Bellagio.  Paris and Mirage also have gret buffets.  I've heard Wynn is awesome but haven't tried it yet.  

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    aerinpegadrakaerinpegadrak member
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    We were mainly looking for an affordable brunch buffet, so we went with the Orleans.  It was technically lunch since they only do brunch on Sundays, but the food was decent (not fancy, but tasty and filling) and you can't really beat $8/person.
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    I have only tried the one at the Wynn and it was AMAZING.  Not too expensive for all the food varieties.  In our group of 8 we all ended up getting 3 plates of food, it was that good.
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    There are lots of great and inexpensive brunch buffets and restaurants off strip.  I didn't know how many people or if you were renting cars or what so i just kept it to strip ones.  If you are interested in any of them let me know.  
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