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Rehersal dinner ideas

HI ladies...i need a little help

My FMIL has asked for a little help in planning a rehersal dinner on the Friday before our wedding.  She has a budget of about $500-750 and there's about 20 people in our wedding party and familys combined that would need to be included. 

Do you have ideas on where a few good places might be?  We were thinking of a place where we could meet our other guests after dinner for drinks so we could do an informal meet and greet later that evening.


Re: Rehersal dinner ideas

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    Hmm I was gonna say maybe the M resort for their buffet since it include wine and beer for about 20 people you could get it under 600.
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    atlcatloveratlcatlover member
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    It's off strip but Diane BN had hers at Gordon Biersch (sp?) and had nothing but good things to say. 
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    hansenladyhansenlady member
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    We had ours at Cheeseburger Las Vegas ilocated n the MIiracle Mile Shopping Mall and has the best time.  Highly recommend if you want a casual and fun night. The prices are really reasonable too. 
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