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Hair Ideas Needed *PIP*

I always thought I would wear my hair down or up with soft curls.  But lately I have started thinking about wearing it up because it wood be cooler in the weather, and more glam. I'll probably be wearing a veil for some of the day.

How did you or how do you plan to wear your hair? (Points for pics!!)

Pics from my fitting so you can give your opinion on up or down?



Re: Hair Ideas Needed *PIP*

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    ummmm... nice butt! :)

    I think you could wear your hair down... I am too! halfy.... maybe actually a side sweep back braid of curls down a shoulder... ( i get no points...I have no pics)...

    its a personal preference i guess... but i like down hair better than up hair... but at the same token i've loved everyones pics no matter how their hair is....
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    [QUOTE]I know it sounds stupid, but this is LITERALLY the only thing I'm stressed about. I cannot decide. I've been going back and forth for months. My hair is long, so I have a billion options, and it's making me insane. Hmmph. I'm thinking something like this since it's a compromise between up and down. I'm not sure about the flower, but I do like it. I might use a jeweled comb instead. I also like that I'll be able to discreetly pin my bangs if they get annoying.
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    OOh thats pretty! Yes I'm in the same boat, too many options! 
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    I really like how I look when my hair is up so I opted for a modern side swept updo, plus I think it paired really well with a glam event. This was my inspiration picture:

    Instead of a comb I had a tiara.
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    [QUOTE]With your dress, you really could do anything. Are you wearing a veil? If so, what kind?
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    Ill have a single tier fingertip veil probably that ill wear for part of the day
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    I think that's the good thing about your style of dress - you can wear it pretty much any way you want!!  You look great in your dress, btw :)

    Because my dress has buttons all the way up the back (that I'd like to show off), I'm wearing my hair up.  I also think it's a nice bonus to keep me cool while dancing :)  I have a tendency to mess with my hair a lot if it's down... so this will prevent me from doing that, too.

    No joke, I have 25 pics saved in my bookmarks of styles I like!
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    TK ate my post... anyway, I vote half down if you won't mess with it like I normally do when my hair's down :)

    This is a cute compromise!
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    I didn't have enough hair to do much of an updo with, so I wore it down... but in general I think half-up/half-down dos are really pretty.  Even though I think updos are nice, I feel like there's not much you can do with them if you go the traditional route and you have such nice hair might be a bit of a waste not to show it off!

    But really the deciding factor should be a style that matches your face shape and gives off the kind of vibe you're going for with your wedding.  :)
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