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We are having an outdoor ceremony. I am 50/50 on if I want to ask our DJ to set up something outside for music at our ceremony. We are only planning on having a short ceremony. How do people feel about having or not having ceremony music?

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  • I've never seen a ceremony without some sort of music.  It would probably be all silent and awkward.  I would at least have an iPod hooked up or something.
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  • Our ceremony is going to be about 30 minutes & our DJ said it was no problem to set up a small thing for outside that he can take down easy for when we go inside. Maybe you should see if your dj is capable of this. We were just wanting microphones for our ceremony so this way he is capable of doing it.

  • What will you walk down the aisle to?
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  • I've seen one wedding with no music (on tv) and it was horrid. You need some type of music otherwise its just silent and awkward.
  • My ceremony is going to be about 8 minutes long and I didn't want any music but the minister is the one who said no about that.  He said people are too uncomfortable with out music and this is what he suggested. (we are outside as well)  Have some soft music playing while people are arriving and sitting down and a processional and a recessional.  We are keeping it short and simple with the songs. Let me know if you need some ideas.
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  • Definitely have DJ set up music..not only is it awkward for guests to sit there in silence, it will help ceremony flow a bit better.  Couldn't imagine a wedding w/o ceremony music.. that is what partially makes it.
  • You need some sort of music.
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  • At my nephew's wedding,  they planned on a "boom box" playing the ceremony music.  It didn't work~at least they couldn't get the music to play loudly enough that people could actually hear it.

    It was the most awkward processional ever.  You really should have some music.
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  • I went to a wedding where they had a boombox set up with pre-recorded songs.  Each wedding party member came down to a different song and the bride walked out to Jason Mraz, I'm Yours.
  • i too am having an outdoor wedding right on the beach! very casual BBQ bring ur bathing suit style... i gave the finace a task of finding a PA system to rent so plug in an ipod or my friends computer... he came home with an ihome (ipod docking station!!!) I could use some help with songs tho especially for while everyone waits for me to show & the kiddies when they walk... any ideas would be much appreciated!!!
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