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Small reception, but affordable? + etc.

Hiya girls (and guys?),

I just joined the site yesterday and have been lurking around the forums and the venue/reception list posted for newbies.

We're planning on doing an Elvis wedding at the Graceland Chapel, but haven't sent in the reservation/deposit yet because we still need to decide about the flowers and some other things you fill out when you reserve.  (BTW if anyone has any personal reviews that would be great- so far the staff has been really quick and helpful.)

But since the chapel doesn't do receptions we've been pretty stumped about what to do.   Since I wanted to keep with the rock and roll/music theme, at first we thought about doing it at the Hard Rock Cafe or the House of Blues.  Hard Rock Cafe responded to my inquiry, but I was really shocked that the best they could offer me for a "budget reception" was burgers and alcohol for $4,000 (once linens, gratuity, tax were added).  I was pretty shocked, to say the least.  I haven't heard back from House of Blues yet, but some other reviews lead me to believe it won't be much different so I'm not holding my breath.

Neither of us (nor our families) are fans of French food, and my FI hates Italian.  We're also trying to stay away from "Asian" since we both live and would be flying in from Japan; generally the restaurants cater more to American tastes rather than actual authenticity and would probably leave our Japanese guests (and us) feeling rather unsatisfied.  Ideally we'd like something more American with steaks and seafood since it would offer something for everyone.  We're currently considering Joe's but are open to suggestions.

We just want some place with a simple decor, good food, but not too expensive or  tacky.   Am I asking for the impossible?  ;____________;

I would love it if we had the time off or money to travel and visit some of the places ourselves, but unfortunately we don't so we've been doing everything online thus-far.

Sorry for the tl;dr post, but if any of ya'll could lend some insight that'd be great!

Re: Small reception, but affordable? + etc.

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    How many people are we talking?  An in-suite reception is a popular budget option, especially if you're hosting multiple events from it (we used the Vista suite for the ceremony, reception, RD, and meet and greet).  Maggiano's is another popular choice around here, but I don't know what their price points look like.
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    what is your budget and how many guests are you expecting?
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    Sorry, I should have included that.  There would be 20-30 guests.  We're inviting about 20 people but have included extra room for any plus one guests.

    Budget-wise I don't really want to go over $3,000.  Ideally we'd like something around $2,000 give or take.  We just wanted a space for about 2-3 hours where we could dine and play some group wedding games for prizes.

    Thanks a lot.  =)
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    There are a lot of authentic Asian restaurants if you go off the strip.  The "China Town" area on Spring Mountain west of the Strip has many.  Not sure why they call it "China Town" when there's a lot of other types of Asian, LOL.
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    If you want to keep the rock n roll theme going  I am pretty sure when I was checking around vendors there was one chapel that had an elvis wedding in a 50's diner room and from memory I think they could do a reception but I am not certain.

    Otherwise there is this place
    or Roxy's diner at the Stratosphere.

    We are doing an Elvis wedding and a buffet for the reception. We are coming from overseas and wanted a "vegas" wedding so the buffet fit in well (and would ensure everyone found something to eat). Big plus is that it is very cost effective.
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    If you go to and search "American" and "Strip" under dining, theres 10 pages worth of restaurants. Planet Hollywood, Burger Bar, Cadillac Ranch, I Love Burgers, Harley Davidson Cafe (Ive ate there and I loved it), Margaritaville & Rock & Ritas all stood out to me.

    HTH : )
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    @MeatAuditor:  Thanks for the suggestions.  Is there any specific Asian restaurant you would personally recommend?

    @j_jaye:  I appreciate those links, thanks!  It sounds like our weddings are somehwat similar (coming from overseas, elvis wedding, trying to do things on a budget).  I hope your planning is coming along well!

    @junebug61103:  Wow, that's sure to keep me busy for the next few hours. orz  Thanks a ton!

    Update:  We went ahead and booked the Graceland Chapel.  So excited!
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