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First go at the wedding itinerary

Started my wedding itinerary. Here is what I have so far. Anything I'm missing?

Saturday May 22, 2010- Wedding Day!





 Activity and events


Danielle showered by now



12:00-1:00pm  Lunch with the ladies (Mandalay Bay Ruffles)?

11:00-1:00         Gary showers and gets ready

1:00pm                Gary’s shaving appointment at The Art of Shaving

2:00pm                Danielle arrives back in Vista suite to get ready

2:00-4:00            Cake being delivered (Someone to pick it up at Valet)

3:30pm                Lori arrives

4:00pm                Chelsie (MOH) arrives pretty much ready

5:00pm                Crystal arrives

5:45pm                Danielle starts to get dressed

6:00pm                Todd arrives

6:20pm                Danielle & party leaves for Chapel

                                *Don’t forget marriage license and tipping money!!!

6:45pm                Gary needs to be at chapel

7:15pm                WEDDING!

7:30pm                Photos with Cashman

                                Alanna, Kristi, Megan go to room to ensure candles are lit, place is cleaned up

7:45-8:45            Photos with Todd around Mandalay Bay

8:00pm                Food arrives

8:30pm                Food is served

9:00pm                Danielle & Gary arrive!

9:00pm-??          PARTY!—1st dance, cut the cake, speeches, family pictures


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    Sounds good.  I'm wondering if you want to have specific times for the 1st dance, cake etc...?  That way nothing gets forgotten and you can get it out of the way early instead of interrupting the party once things get going and everyone gets drinking! lol  Make sure you give a copy to BM so he can keep FI on track too!
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    Yah I don't have specific times for cake cutting, speeches etc. I'm hoping having them written down will help me remember to do it!
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    Looks good to me!
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    I've never heard of the bride and groom arriving after the food is served. Is that common?
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    We are having an insuite reception w/ buffet appetizers. So it is kinda like missing or arriving after the cocktail hour.
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