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Are Vista Suites still....

the cream of the crop for In-Suite receptions?  We've been planning on a Vista the whole time, but now that I read about all these other suites in different hotels, some new etc., I'm starting to wonder if there are other options that are just as nice if not better than a Vista.  Our wedding isn't until 10/21/11 so we still have some time to decide, however, that 11 month mark of being able to book is coming up soon.

Our criteria is this:  Price range of $500-$600/Great View/No issues getting outside catering in. Apex is prob. out b/c I think the price for that one is like $1,200 for one night only...right? 

Any insight or opinions is appreciated!  I guess since there have been sooo many good reviews for the Vista that in itself makes me more confident in booking, compared to another suite that not many have used yet, but I don't want to miss out on a different place just b/c it hasn't been used much yet...

Re: Are Vista Suites still....

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    I was in the same boat as you a few months ago...reeeeeaaly really wanted planet hollywood panorama suite, but also had vista/aria/wynn and cosmopolitan in the bag!

    In the end i decided that the tried and tested vista would be best coz its bigger and it looks more spacious and airy. The panorma on second look, seemed a bit too dark and narrow for me (if you look at videos of it on youtube) Also, I didnt like how the Aria suite was divided up with walls....its was lovely, but i wanted one big open space. So the vista swung it for me for that i will have peace of mind in the lead up to my day, knowing that i wont have any issues with caterers.

    If you keep an eye out for good deals u can get vista alot cheaper. I got 3 nights for $1300, and booked it 10 months in advance

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    I used the Vista and loved it, but didn't really look elsewhere.  I just want to make sure you shop around.  At the start we got it for our wedding night only at $640, cos it wasn't available for the night before.  Then, a few months later, the night before became available - we booked it and it made everything a lot easier on the day - the the 2nd night was $750!  So (after taxes) our 2 nights cost us way more than Lorita78's 3 night stay.  
    I'd still pay what I did for the Suite as it was worth it, but if you have lots of time (which we didn't) then def keep looking for the bargin.
    Good luck x
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    There are so many suites out there, it'd be interesting to see some in suite receptions at other hotels.  I totally understand about using well known places though, so many decisions!
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    I used the Fountain Boulevard Suite at Planet Hollywood and it was amazing! The view is spectacular, right at the Bellagio Fountains with the eiffel tower right to the right. We had 42 guests in it and it was perfect, but could easily fit 50. Plenty of room to dance and for Elvis to perform, and many tables to put everything you need on. It also had an air hockey table which the guests LOVED. We originally had the Panorama Suite reserved then upgraded to this and I'm SO glad we did!

    We had it catered by Masterpiece cuisine and had no issues getting it in. We also brought in our own alcohol and the bell hop helped us carry it to the room!
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