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What retro flavor did you choose?

For those of you who chose retro bakery for your cupcakes, what flavors did you end up choosing?

I'm so indecisive lol. I'm trying to avoid any flavors with nuts in them because I know my sister is allergic to nuts (like break out in hives and get all puffy in the face allergic) and I'm not too postiive about others. When I asked around no one else said anything else though.

Also I'm not too sure how many flavors you can actually choose and if there is a max (which I'm sure there is) so if you know that too that'd be awesome. When they emailed me back they forgot that part and I'd like to know exactly what I'm ordering before I actually call to place the order lol.

I was thinking Chocolate Loves Vanilla & Vanilla Loves Vanilla for sure!
Other flavors I've been thinking of are:

- Apple Cider
- Coffee and donuts or glazed donut
- Pink Lemonade
- Pucker up
- Cookies & Cream

So many choices!! lol Suggestions on flavors?

Re: What retro flavor did you choose?

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