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DiCarlo Room Brides

We're using the DiCarlo room for our reception and I'm curious about a few things. 113 days out! I have read over some DiCarlo reviews, but I'm wondering about some little details .....
-Did you have an ipod or laptop for music? How was it?
-Did you feel it was hard to get drinks since the bar is not in the room?
-What was your table set up? Rounds or long?
-Did you do assigned seats or just sit wherever?
-If you did appetizers, did you do buffet or passed?

Thanks in advance  Smile


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    edited December 2011

     I am having my reception in May of 2011 in the Decarlo room, I spoke to Marc and was told that the room is not larger enough to have a bar inside, Their will be a server who will run drink  to your guest . with this information I wonder if I should have a consumption bar ( I think people will drink less if the bar is not in the room) I am not going to  assign seats .and  I am doing one long table. .         

       Happy Planning

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    edited December 2011
    I originally had the DiCarlo room for 23 people.  We ended up changing to the Abruzzi and I am so glad we did.  It was worth the money.  We had 3 round tables and there was plenty of room for a bar, guestbook table, cake table and ipod table.  There was room for a first dance as well.  The best part was the access to the balcony.  My guests really seemed to like it.
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