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Hey girls!


I am a Maryland bride but going to Vegas this weekend on a company trip. We will be staying at MGM and seeing a show at TI on Saturday.

I need dinner recommendations desperately! There will be about 10 of us going out to eat together and want to eat out before the show. I would like somewhere that is nice, but also don’t want to make some of the group uncomfortable with a place that is too expensive (I would like to stay under $40 for entrée’s). Please give me your ideas. We prefer that is be walking distance from either MGM or TI to limit traveling. We could like a variety of food but just general steakhouse/seafood type menus mainly.

Also, I have searched a lot online, but it seems like many places just aren’t getting great reviews.


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    I recommend NOBHILL TAVERN.
    It was very, very good.
    One of our best meals in Las Vegas.
    Check out their current menu for spring ... I am not sure of the prices.

    By the way, we share a few things in common.
    My wedding is May 21st of this year and I grew up in Maryland.
    Small world.
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    Some of my family is staying at TI during my wedding, and we are having a family dinner at ISLA Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar in TI.  It is pretty reasonable, and the menu is available on TI's website.
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    I haven't ever eaten at TI but across the Venetian are a ton of restaurants. We are considering going to Delmonico's while we are there in May. BTW I'm getting married May 22.
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    I second Nobhill Tavern (order a cable car martini - amazing!) and Seablue at MGM is really great too. 

    TI's restaurants aren't as great since they've been taken over.
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    Thanks for the advice girls!

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