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Mandalay Bay beach wedding


I am looking to book a beach wedding at sunset at the Mandalay Bay and wanted to know if anyone on here had done this and wondered if you could give me any info on the venue, your experience etc...also was interested in seeing any pics you may have?

Thanks!  Laughing

Re: Mandalay Bay beach wedding

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    Have you contacted a WC there? From what I remember...there is only certain days/times that you can have your wedding in that area...and if those days and times work the WC can prob send you pic's, I tried looking for some before I booked and found none.HTH
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    I was thinking a Monday in September, yes I contacted a WC and was advised that they only do these from April - October and at 7pm and 8om depending on the time of year I imagine?
    I'll see if they can be a bit more specific....thanks!
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