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Has anyone used The Cohens Photography? We like the pictures on their site, but have only found one review of them. Does anyone have any experience with them, even if you didn't end up using them? Here's their site:
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    I really liked the pics on their site. I contacted them prior to our scouting trip, but never heard back from them. Then when reviewing all the photographers we were considering, the fact that their blog was so rarely updated worried me a little. Now, that's probably because their so busy shooting and editing fabulous weddings, but between that and not hearing back from them, we easily made the decision to go with someone we were able to meet with.

    A bride on wedding bee used them, and she loved them, and the pictures were fantastic.
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    I contacted them but didn't hear back for six days and had already booked Mike L by the time I did.  I'm not a phone person so easy and quick email communication is a big thing for me and Courtney (of Mike L) responds quickly at all times day or night.

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    I think I remember another knottie from last year that used them and loved them, maybe sunnycanadian? 
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    Yep we used them (I see on the Knottie page it still shows our photographer as Toner but we changed to The Cohen's).

    Our review was a mixed one. We only had 2 weeks til the wedding to find a new photog. due to the drama with Toner. When we originally looked for photographers The Cohen's came across my radar and I really loved their website and blog. But  we decided we'd go with Toner because she was cheaper. And we all know how that went.

    So yah, I called Josh to see if they had our day open, and they did. They graciously agreed to shoot our wedding...but we had to change a few of our original plans to do so. We wanted to do a strip photo tour...but Josh strongly discouraged it because of how busy it would be, how there's not that great of locations etc. He wanted us to go out to Lake Las Vegas for pictures. Looking at his website, I think thats where they shoot ALL their weddings so they're obviously only comfortable with that location. So we agreed...we'd rent a limo bus and we'd all go out to Lake Las Vegas to get pics.

    Our pkg included a free engagement session but since we were flying in Thurs. night (wedding Sat.) and had a crapload of things to do he offered to shoot an extra hour of our reception for us instead. Oh yah - thats the other thing. We only wanted them to shoot getting ready pics, the ceremony at Caesar's (yes we paid the $200 fee), and then the pictures of the bridal party etc. at Lake Las Vegas. My brother is a semi-pro photographer and offered to take the reception pictures. Josh really discouraged that idea (probably because he didn't really know how "pro" my brother was) saying it would interrupt the style of photos for the day etc. So we extended our time with them to have the 1st hour of reception. Then that changed OTHER things. He wanted us to combine all the "major" reception things right in the first hour so they could capture it on film. So we did our grand entrance then immediately went into the 1st dance. It was still daylight out (our reception started at 6). I hated it. Did NOT feel romantic at all....never mind the issues we had with Maggiano's sound system (we had to do our first dance twice!). Then I danced with my dad, and Mark danced with his mom. Then we immediately went to do our cake-cutting. Josh wanted us to do the toasts before dinner too but I thought that was crazy because people would be starving and its best to give them something to nibble on through the toasts (some people find those boring right?) So I refused to do that. Josh & Kenny left right before the food came out.

    Back to Lake Las takes about 1/2 hour to get out there. I think we left Caesar's at 2:00ish? Maybe 2:30. And our reception started at 6 so we were on a short timeline for pics. Josh & Kenny wanted to do pics of just Mark and I first so we left our bridal party at a pub and got into their suburban and drove to the other side of that main area with the lake/golf courses etc. We went to a deserted golf course (Josh said it had closed due to the economy) and started taking some pics. Well the golf course wasn't "truly" deserted because a Mexican gardener came out of nowhere and starting spouting off about how we can't be there it's private property we got outta there. Next they took us down by the lake in a grassy area to do our "Thank You" parasol pictures. This is where I tripped on my stupid crinoline during a "running photo" and fell and ripped my dress! I'm so lucky I didn't hurt myself more than just a big bruise on my elbow. It was pretty funny though we had a good laugh. So we finished those pictures up and made our way back to our bridal party. We had no idea what time it was. Our limo was supposed to pick us up at 4:30.

    Well when we got back to our bridal party it WAS 4:30!!! We hadn't even taken any pictures with them yet. My parents and some relatives were there too and my dad had to pay the limo driver extra to stay longer....thank god he didn't leave us. Our bridal party was pissed because we took so long, and so I was mad with Josh & Kenny for not keeping a better eye on the time.

    So we barely had any time to take pics with our bridal party and it showed - I love all the unique pics other brides get with their BP's and ours are just so unimaginative. We had to rush through them so we could still stop at the Las Vegas sign (this was a mandatory shot since we couldn't do a strip photo tour) - I wanted SOME evidence our wedding was in Vegas lol!!

    My mom commented to me after Josh & Kenny left our reception that she saw Josh rolling his eyes a lot, especially after our ceremony when we were taking pictures with our families at the ceremony site. I know we had a lot of family there and they all wanted to take pictures with us but he needs to be more professional and not show his frustration like that.

    Kenny (his wife) was a doll though, very friendly and if I had to I would just hire her!

    So back to the pictures...our wedding was May 22. We didn't get a "sneak peak" until late August...and we didn't get access to the online gallery until Sept. long weekend. Our DVD's of all the digital images didn't come til October. So that was a bit frustrating to wait so long!

    We were happy with our pictures, for the most part. There aren't a lot of different ones of just Mark and I, and of course barely any of the bridal party. And I was upset that there were NO pictures of us by the water...we were at LAKE Las Vegas for Pete's sake! Overall, I'd say we were 80% happy with the pictures, there are a few really great ones, but like I said, there wasn't much variety.

    Oh and about the communication - we didn't have problems emailing them and getting a fast reply before the wedding...but after? You will wait a LONG time to get a reply to your email. Its best to call Josh's cell. This was frustrating as we live in Canada and wanted to communicate the "cheap" way lol via email.

    So yah...hope that helps you!
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