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Hi ladies, I know many of you have wrote reviews about Trevi so I'm hoping for some help! I called today to see what they had available and Michelle said that upstairs is already booked. I am having 20-30 guests so she said we could still have the dinner semi-private down stairs or on the patio. I am okay with having it semi-private, but I am just concerned about the decor and look of the area. I am only looking for a place to hold the dinner, no dancing and such.

Would you recommend that I look into the downstairs area or the patio? OR would you not recommend either and suggest that I go else where? Thank you for any help you can give me! Planning a wedding using online photos is not always fun and I'm sure many of you have found out already :-)

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    If it is the patio that I am thinking ( I could be wrong) but I remember it being right level with the mall patrons. Like, I could walk right by you... so I hope this is not the semi- private they are talking about?? I would definitely push for the back of inside the resturaunt at least, I would not want the mall visitors to be a part of my wedding :D
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    I was just reading the reviews for Trevi.  Everyone said sit outside if you want to people watch but to eat inside if you want a more intimate experience. They all said the food was great though!
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    Have you tried Joe's? It's also at Ceasar's (not sure if the price is compatible). Can't beat steak and seafood (unless you're a vegetarian, in which case, that would not be the way to go)

    And I'm with ahhhitshannyn. If it's the patio I'm thinking of, you're basically in the mall but 'roped off.' 

     And it's right in front of the fountain, so there will be:
    a) lots of people there watching you have your wedding reception 
    b) really loud cuz the fountains are not quiet

    I would ask them if the patio they're talking about is the one that's basically in the mall.  If it is, I would either book another venue or push to be inside downstairs.

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    Yes, I've been there and seen's on their website pic.  I don't think you'll want the patio, try to sit inside OR Joe's, Mesa Grill...Olives is really cool in the Bellagio.
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