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...and some advice for future brides and grooms

Some advice for those of you with upcoming weddings:

Don't switch hotels. Seriously. I believe this has been discussed here before, but I stubbornly ignored that advice. We moved from the Platinum to the Venetian on Sunday, and man was that a pain! It was not worth the time. Or the money. I think the bill from 2 nights at the Venetian was more than 4 days at the Platinum.

Confirm everything a million times. Any issues we had could have been avoided if I confirmed things one more time the day of. (At least I think so). I was so ridiculously stressed/emotional/nervous that I didn't think to do this. If I had to do it all over again, I would have delegated some last minute confirmations to the bridal party (run over the ceremony with Rev Linda; make sure the Platinum does x, y, z).

What can you do now to ensure that you'll be relaxed when you get to Vegas? Erik and I put a lot of pressure on ourselves and took on most of the work for the wedding. So we were super stressed out before the wedding. We organized bachelor(ette) dinners/parties, a welcome party, and the wedding. It was a lot and I was always concerned about everyone else having a good time...instead of relaxing and enjoying myself. I did not fully unwind until a walked down the aisle (then all the stress melted away).

My point is...if you're going to take on everything yourself, you're probably setting yourself up for lots of stress. I should have done a better job at delegating because I had a lot of people who wanted to help. For example, I thought that I would have time to assemble all of our DIY decorations on my own, when we got to Vegas. That was incredibly unrealistic! Fortunately my bridesmaids and mom went to work and did it all for me. I wish I gave people more "jobs" earlier on in the planning process.

Looking back, it also may have been worth it to hire a coordinator. I underestimated how much work wedding planning would be (and how stressful it would be once we got to Vegas). It probably would have been worth it to hire some one to help.

Don't rent the cupcake stand from Retro. LOL. There's nothing wrong with the stand...I just thought it was a big pain returning it. Buy one yourself or purchase their disposable stand...or if you have to rent from retro, see if you can recruit someone to return it for you. It took us about 2 hours round trip to return the stand cutting into precious vacay time. (Although, the benefit was that we got to purchase more cupcakes!)

Re: ...and some advice for future brides and grooms

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    This is great!  Thank you for the reminders and tips :)
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    Wow your experience pretty much sounded exactly like mine, and I too thought I was a very organized bride/always ahead of the game. That sure went out the window once we landed basically! Sorry to hear about your ceremony:( our ceremony had a lot of issues too, including with the officiant. (pending reviews still), so I know how you feel thinking about it and getting upset/mad when you do. Like you said though, what's done is done and just need to focus on the good parts:) Are you going on a HM soon?? We go in a month and I cannot wait to do nothing but eat, drink and not be stressed:) Excited to look at your pics! For some reason the link doesn't work on my cell, but will try later. Congrats again!
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    Thanks Sara! I *wish* we could go on a honeymoon right now. I need it! I teach at a university though, so I need to wait until the students are on break. So we're planning on a honeymoon in Paris this summer!
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    Congrats. Thanks for the advice
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