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Valley of fire weddings

Hi everyone,

I am getting married in July at Fire Valley but I dont know which company to book with. I live in England so its quite scary booking your wedding over the internet. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.


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    We initially wanted to do this as well. I didn't ever decide on a vendor, but I used the links in the FAQ above and emailed a few vendors. As with any long-distance planning I would suggest you go with the ones that get back to you in a reasonable time frame, can answer your questions and have well-defined contracts. That's how we picked all our vendors from a country away. Hopefully someone here has used someone specific and can give you an exact recommendation. I just wanted to add my 2 cents on some of the considerations we had.

    Prices were all very reasonable, but overall, we just decided Valley of Fire in the middle of July was just too much heat. Especially considering most of the vendors didn't provide seating for the guests so I would advise you to make sure something like that's included or that they can provide it for you. Also look for vendors that provide additional transport, some only provide enough for the wedding party so if you plan on having other guests ensure that they can book enough transportation for your other guests - if this applies.

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    edited December 2011 BOOK the strip wedding for may 19 2010..check them out there on facebook also !!
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