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Budget WOES :(..have to change ceremony venue..Mandalay Bay Valley Of the Falls

We just looked at the cost again..and we have to make changes.  I love Juno Garden (Caesars Palace), but in order to cut cost we are thinking about changing to the Valley of the Falls at Mandalay Bay.  Has anyone had any experience with Mandalay Bay, particularly the Valley of the Falls.  This is the link to the venue:

I Need Your Help.  Thank you

Re: Budget WOES :(..have to change ceremony venue..Mandalay Bay Valley Of the Falls

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    Our ceremony is going to be at VOTF in March and I cannot wait. We just love the look and feel (haven't seen in person, only online)...and photographers I've talked to say it is one of the BEST locations for photos.
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    SunnyCanadianSunnyCanadian member
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    Aren't they around the same price? I remember I really liked VOTF but it was something like a $1200 add on fee to have it there...unless that changed?
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    kikibabykikibaby member
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    Yeah, don't forget that VOTF is the package price PLUS $1200.  So, it may not be much cheaper than doing it at the Juno Garden at CP.  How many guests are you having? 

    But, VOTF is beautiful from what I've seen- there are several videos available of it on YouTube, you should check them out. 
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    I think the VOTF is actually a more beautiful venue than the Juno Garden.
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    Lulu80301Lulu80301 member
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    Actually, VOTF is WAY more expensive than Juno Garden. I've spent the last 2 days spreadsheeting the various costs of ceremonies and receptions at 4 different strip hotels and speaking with the coordinators over the phone.

    VOTF is $1200 PLUS the cheapest package, which is Opal Shores for $1800, so the cheapest you can do a VOTF ceremony is $3050.

    You can do the Roman package at Caesars in the Juno Garden for $1800.

    These prices are for Saturday nights (5 pm) in September. But even in the off season VOTF is more.
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    Yes, last night we really went over the figures and realized that VOTF was more.

    We are sticking with Juno Garden..the garden is closer to the reception location..

    A few family members will be chipping in... to help us financially.  So that will help.  Another family member is having a bigger wedding a few months after my family is tapped out.  But they are still willing to help so I'm appreciative.

    Thanks for your responses

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