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Stuck, need help

I don't know what to do for transportation.  Our ceremony is at Caesars and mostly everyone is staying at the MGM or the Excalibur(50 ppl in the area)?  I wanted to get 2 seperate limos for the wedding party but then I run into a problem because how would the boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses of the wedding party get there? I don't want eveyone to see me and the wedding party before the wedding. I was thinking about getting a bus for the other guests but most have a 2hour minimum...Ugh!!

Our ceremony is at 430 what time do you think I should schedule pick ups for wedding party, guests at the MGM?

Last thing what company do you recommend

Sorry this is long, Thanks for you help!!

Re: Stuck, need help

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    I know that you are trying to make sure that the SO of your bridal party have transportation, but....When I was in any wedding or a SO at a wedding, the SO's head over on there own cause they are not getting hair, makeup, tux on, etc.....Now, if you want to provide transportation for everyone then I think some of the girls used "Bell Trans" (???) and they only charge by the hour. GL :)
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    We booked Bell Trans for our guests and the groom/groomsmen are riding with them while the ladies get the limo. 

    $58/hour for a 28 passenger bus
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    I have a close personal friend who owns a huge limo company, he has everything from tricked out limos and party buses, to classy limousines and cars. Nicest guy ever, we use him all the time (living in vegas theres always someone here celebrating a birthday or something) I promise he would give the best deals in town- especially if you tell him I reffered you rather than an ad or something. 
    his name is jason, and his number is 702-858-4504- GREAT guy, hes doing our wedding for sure. And bachelorette party!Wink

    Ps. no offense to the bell trans post, but as a locals input, they suck. Always late, and dirty, and often times have other peoples stuff in cars when they pick you up. Ive used them a few times for airport transfers, its cheaper if I use them to get to and from the airport rather than paying for parking for a week, and everytime Im always grateful that its a short trip, you definilty get what you pay for with Bell Trans. Would not reccommend. Even CLS is better than them, but be careful with CLS and get everything in writing, regarding prices. see- limo transfers are a complicated sport out here, 
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