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Bachelor/Bachelorette ideas

Happy Saturday, Knotties :)

My FI and I would like to have our Bachelor/Bachelorette parties together, since we have friends of both genders (plus I have a Man of Honor, and he has a Best Woman ;)). 

What would you recommend for our parties?  Are you doing a combined party?  We really wanted to do Pussycat Dolls, but I saw their show is moving to Planet Hollywood. Therefore, I have no idea how much a ticket would cost.  I don't want people to feel obligated to spend $75 on a show ticket, plus $50+ on dinner.  (We were contemplating dinner, a show, then gambling/dancing.) 

Thanks! :)

Re: Bachelor/Bachelorette ideas

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    We did our joint bachelor/bachelorette party at Mix at Mandalay Bay.  We has no line-no cover and reserved seating for 35 people.  We were required to purchase 6 bottles plus pay tax and gratuity as well as a group fee.  We had my made of honor collect $60 from everyone that night (pretty cheap as included cover, a place to sit, and a ton of booze).  We put the rest on our credit card. We had great time and it served as a meet and great for all of our friends.  Had the even on Thursday night, wedding on Saturday. 
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    Perfect!  I love Mix.  I used to know someone who worked there, but he just left (dang it!).  That would be a great place to spend most of the night.  Thanks!
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    we're doing everything separate.  Girls are going to dinner at Mon Ami and a piano bar after.  As for the guys, who knows lol.
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