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Bar Crawl Fremont Street

Has anyone gone on a bar crawl along Fremont Street? I am thinking it might be a fun ladies night out/bachelorette party. Just wondering if there are any fun bars in that area, so I could come up with some sort of itinearary. I am not looking for anything ritzy like the clubs on the strip, just a few bars we can hop in and out of and maybe doing some gambling. Any suggestions?

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    We did table service at Gold Diggers at the Golden Nugget and are having our after party there.  It's cool because you can hang out on the balcony and watch the street show.  I like it...a little cheesy but fun and bottles were pretty inexpensive at $150 a bottle.
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    Las Vegas Country Saloon has a mechanical bull...hee hee. Beauty Bar usually has indie bands if you're into that.
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    CONGRATS!!! Downtown is always FUN! Just to let you in on a local secret! The First Friday of every month they host an art show and the scene is a little bit better. They have a kareoke/piano bar called "dont tell mama" its A GREAT TIME
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