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Several Checks.. but one BIG gap!

I'm so excited that things are finally moving and we are on track for our March 15th wedding. I was beginning to get extremely worried about our budget, etc. but it all worked out.

I got a great dress, and we are officially booked to have our wedding at The Platinum on the Misoura Room/Rooftop. Because of our budget, we chose to go with the A La Carte wedding.  We've booked DJ Godzilla- so far he has been fabulous to work with. I think he will fit in nicely. Harmony is booked to handle all of the HMU for the bridal party and Freed's will be makinig our cake. We're DIY"ing" our flowers.. we can order 200 roses from Sam's Club for less than $200- with some nice vases, I know we'll be able to pull something off that looks nice.

The BIG gap is on a photographer! I know pictures is not a place to "scimp" but I really only want a photographer for the ceremony (about 4 hours). I have a request for a quote in to Todd Wilson, but haven't been able to find another photographer that will charge less that 1K. I don't have a lot of wiggle in my budget, so any suggestions would be helpful.

Re: Several Checks.. but one BIG gap!

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