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ceremony wording

I've started to freak out a bit about the actual ceremony. I'm getting married at MB. My WC sent me paperwork a while ago with basically civil ceremony or religious ceremony. We aren't really religious, but I would like a short prayer. I read that the officiant will come talk to us before the ceremony, but I'm worried that I will be to nervous/excited to really be thinking straight.

So do I ask for a civil ceremony and just add in a prayer or should I ask for a religious ceremony?

I know I can watch other bride's videos, but I always feel like I'm cheating haha. Maybe I should just bite the bullet?

Re: ceremony wording

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    My coordinator at MB said we can do anything we want for the ceremony. We could write the whole thing and send it over to the, use theirs, or edit as we saw fit, so I would just tell your coordinator what you want and she'll make it happen. We added our own vows and a reading to their basic civil ceremony with no problems. GL!
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    I felt the same, DH isn't really religious, but I really wanted a prayer to honor our side, esp., my dad who is Catholic (we are Mexican, so you can understand, lol). It was just the right touch. The minister said a prayer in the beg. of the ceremony then went on with the regular civil ceremony.
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    We're doing a civil ceremony at MB, but I'm going to include a Buddhist blessing in there.
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