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AHR...Stressing anyone out??

We are having our AHR June 12th so about a month after our Vegas wedding and it's becoming very stressful!!

We have so much to do for it yet:
Food(that my mom, grandma, and I are making)
Decorations (all DIY)
Invites with map/accommodations
Candy buffet supplies
Photo boards of FI and I

I know that it's nice to have an AHR but it's a money pit...UGH!! Just a little stressed.

Re: AHR...Stressing anyone out??

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    yep!  Luckily ours is 3 months from our wedding day.  I was stressing at the end of the year trying to book the venue and a caterer before the big wedding show here.  Now I'm not planning to think about it until after the wedding....or at least try not to anyway.
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    Mine's theoretically in May, but we haven't booked a damn thing.  We're planning a really simple beach barbecue, so all I really need to do is find a location and design the invitations.  We're looking to keep the whole thing around $1-2K.
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    Have not touched this topic much. FMIL and my father each want to have something (separate towns). Knowing my FMIL, I've had to reiterate over and over we don't want a "reception" but rather a party...backyard bbq...park...something simple. Yet know she wants to book a golf course. She doesn't care what we want....then complains that this wedding is going to cost her an arm and a leg.

    My dad's party will probably be at his house which is just fine with me!

    As far as invites....we sent everyone an invite for Vegas saying "hometown celebrations to follow this summer." Since they got something official, when we pick dates for the AHRs, we're fine with using
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