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Cashman... 17 months later!

Hi girls and guy! Imagine my surprise when I was checking emails and I received an email from Cashman photography. 17 months after our wedding they want to sell us the disk and a full set of 4x6's for 50 percent off the original price. I am currently negotiating with them because I really wouldn't mind having the disk of our ceremony pictures. So for those of you who really want the pictures, hold off because you could get the same offer. Or if any past brides would like his email let me know.

Re: Cashman... 17 months later!

  • A couple of weeks ago I posted something similar. I called Cashman because we were approaching 6 months and I wanted to see how much longer we had to purchase pics since we were still deciding. The agent offered me half off the price of the CD but I decided just ordering the few prints that we were interested in was the way to go for us. They told me it would take about 6 weeks for us to receive our order which was no bigger for us. I actually ended up getting them the other day which was only about a week after I ordered them. But like you, I was very surprised at that offer of half off.

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  • WOW - I hope I get a similar offer.  We ended up loving our cashman pics (there were about 110 of them).  We only got 12 with our package and purchased 20 more 4x6's.  

    Sophia - quick question for you - you mentioned that you contacted them about 6 months after the wedding.  Did they keep your pictures online that long?  We were told our pictures would only be online for 2 months or so.  Was wondering if I should call close to the 2 month mark or not? Wedding Countdown Ticker image119 Dealt!
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