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Are you inviting/having kids at your wedding? We were not planning on having kids, though we didn't make a hard rule against it. We just didn't feel that anybody would want to bring small children to Vegas.

Well, FI's Aunt (who has 4 kids, ranging in age from 3-12) just asked if kids are invited. I never in a million years would have thought they would come, especially with kids in tow! I was planning on the youngest being my little sister, who would be 16.

What have been your experiences/policies with kids at your wedding?

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    We addressed invites and save-the-dates to just the adult names or those who are over 21.  We do not have anyone planning on bringing their kids and the only kid that will be there will be FI's daughter who is 14.  Orignially there was talk of some kiddos (under 4) coming but their parents realized the convenience of not having them out there and how much more they will be able to do going child-less.  I think if you are able to provide an itenary of events and they see that kids are not really included, that maybe they will stray away from bringing them??
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    We're inviting kids, we will have flower girls/ring bearer/etc.  I know there are a few people that definitely won't be bringing their kids because they're using the wedding as a vacation but there will definitely be children present.  Everything is off-strip though (Henderson) - not sure if that makes a difference...
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    I addressed them to the parents only and I only had one person (My cousin and because my Aunt was there, I knew they would have to decline otherwise)  ask to bring the kids. I told them it was fine, so I only had 3 little ones at the wedding and it was fine. TBH if we had the wedding at home and a bigger guest list I would have made sure that ALL the kids could be there, but that's because in my family kids are always apart of family functions. But with a Vegas wedding I had more people want to leave the kids at home.
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    Our daughter will be joining us for the wedding but leaving with my parents so we can have our honeymoon time to ourselves. We will probably stay at Circus Circus the days shes with us (she'll be almost 8!) and then switch to a more adult place after the wedding.

    My advice would be to warn her that there will not be much to do with the kids but if she does want to brave it to stay at Circus Circus. But be very up front about the lack of activities and that you hadn't planned on kids being around therefore you have planned adult friendly activities! There is also a list on that has a list of underaged things to-do.

    Good Luck!
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    The only kids that are going to be at the wedding are our kids, and my baby cousin but only because she is in the wedding. I made sure to include on the invites Adults only, only because I knew that we are going to be partying after the wedding and I didn't want my parents to be responsible for other people's kids.
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    We are having kids from the family. We love our little cousins and nieces so we wanted them there. We do have a couple of guests that still have little ones (i.e. below 2) and they can bring their kids if they want, since they don't count as guests anyway. Our wedding is off strip too like Direy, if that makes any difference. Will tell you how it goes when I come back, wedding is this Saturday. lol 
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    We're not inviting kids.  We addressed the invites to each invited person by name but of course some were and guest if they're single.  We did make it known indirectly on the wedding website and amongst our circles of friends that kids were not invited. One person has asked so far but she's making arrangements and coming without her son (5 year old).

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    We invited kids since we figured no one would want to travel without their kids. There was one cousin that we we going to invite without her kids since her husband was not going to come, but they threw a fit which made FMIL threaten to not come. So we just invited them. It is annoying, but we really wanted FI's nephews there, and his cousins kids who we love, so we just didn't want to pick and choose so its just easier to invite them. But luckily there will still only be like 8 kids there so its no big deal.
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    The only kids we invited were MOH's and my sister's infant daughters.  My mom gave me loads of grief because I wasn't intending on inviting my brother's stepdaughters, only to find out that he had no intention of bringing them in the first place.  We just addressed the invitations to the parents and had no issues.  Even the aunt and uncle DH was certain wouldn't come because their kids were invited showed up without them without complaint.
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    This news actually has us on the verge of changing our ceremony site now. I'm kind of freaking out, but trying to look at the good side- I love his side of the family and we don't get to see them very often. So I guess I'm leaning towards letting kids come... goodness...

    But these relatives in Iowa (whom we thought would never come, because of all the kids) are planning to make this a big huge family vacation. So our "zero" guess just went to 14 "YES"es.

    More reason to always assume EVERYONE will come. Sweet baby jebus.

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    We didn't want kids and addressed invites with adults names only.  Not very many of our guests have kids, but most who did didn't want to bring them to Vegas.  We had one couple who brought their baby, which was no big deal.  They actually arranged an in-suit babysitter for him so they could come back down and party at the reception. 
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    We are not inviting kids.  When we wrote up our initial guest list, we realized that inviting kids would have added on 15 kids (age 3-16) and 6 infants (under 2). We plan on addressing invites to the adults only. If anyone RSVPs with more than the amount they invite, we will have to call and say "sorry, we can't accommodate" If you start making exceptions for some people, your either going to upset other people who didn't bring their kids (especially if their in the same group, ie cousins, nieces/nephews).
    There will be 3 BF infants and if their parents want to bring them, that's fine. (Obviously)
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    We didn't want kids at the wedding but since we are coming from O/S we didn't really think we could say that!
    Mostly the people with kids are the ones identifying as coming (good excuse to go to Disneyland etc). We figure we will have about 10-12 kids aging from 4 months to 15 years.
    Though the BM did say on the weekend that they are thinking of leaving all the kids behind (3 x unholy terrors) with the grand parents! This made FI very happy as they are really badly behaved!
    We will probably pay the older kids o keep an eye/entertain the younger ones and provide some pencils & coloutring/activity books to try and keep them entertained.
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