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Make-up/Hair Timing Question

If my ceremony is at 4pm, what time should I start hair & make-up? How long does it usually take?

The make-up artist/hair team I'm speaking with suggested 10:30am. That seems really early especially since they're only working on me. I'm a little afraid of how my hair & make-up would look by 4pm.

Re: Make-up/Hair Timing Question

  • That does seem early if they're only doing your hair and makeup.  Francesca (and assistant) started about 9:30 am for my wife and our ceremony was 4pm, but they had four BM's and two mom's to deal with too.

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  • We started at 7:30 or 8 in the morning but I had to be out the door at 1:30ish and I had 4 BM's and 2 friends who were also there getting hair done.  I think all the BMs were done at 1:30 and the 2 friends were there until 3 or so, I think.
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