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Vegas Wedding in December ¿too cold? Outdoor wedding Terrace SUITE MGM

December ¿cold? Outdoor wedding Terrace SUITE MGM

Hey ladies! I’m glad I find this site, I’m from South America and I’m getting married in VEGAS the 17 of December. We are having one wedding in US and a church wedding in my country next year. I need HELP!!

My fiancé really likes the MGM TERRACE SUITE we are having a ceremony around 4pm then we were thinking of getting a limousine so we can take guests to the Wynn buffet and after that around 7pm come back to the TERRACE SUITE IN MGM for drinks until 4am ;) 

THE PROBLEM is that the terrace suite looks big in the outside but not in the inside. We might have around 25 up to 40 people. We are VERY worried because I’ve read December its cold and I’m not sure if guests will be comfortable outside or not. If they WONT be outside we will have to check other suite in other hotel because that one is too small in the inside. MGM doesn’t have more suites available for that weekend.

What do you think ,too cold for the outside?

Change hotel? Were! HELP Congratulations all ;)

Re: Vegas Wedding in December ¿too cold? Outdoor wedding Terrace SUITE MGM

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    mandm111mandm111 member
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    It all depends on what you are used to..We've been to Vegas during December and it is usually mid 60s during the day and gets a little chilly at night. We are from Chicago, so we are used to this weather and it felt pretty nice to be wearing a sweater, without a winter coat in December.
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    lsvenssonlsvensson member
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    Yes it's cold. ;)  Cold enough that you would need a jacket if you're outside.  I might recommend going indoors if you're set on a December date.  Good luck!
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    Thank you girls!! I am trying to find a nice indoor suite then!!
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