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New Orleans advice

So, FI and I are not taking a real honeymoon right away. His family goes to the beach in Destin Florida every year for the week of mother's day(1 week after our wedding). FMIL offered to buy our airfare and the beach house and food are taken care of by the older generation. It is beautiful there but, we will not have any privacy. We are thinking of going to New Orleans for a couple of days before the beach by ourselves. Any recs. for dining or sightseeing?

Thanks in advance ladies!

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    I have no clue, but maybe you would find a lot if you post on the New Orleans local board?  I'm sure they could tell you a lot.
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    I have only been there for one day/night.  We stayed ina  hotel that was on the very edge of the French Quarter which was kind of scary.  I would recommend finding one more towards the center, as that is where all the people are.  It was a bit scary walking back to the hotel late at night when the roads were dark and deserted since New Orleans has a pretty high crime rate (as any touristy place does)

    We spent the night just going from bar to bar looking for good jazz music -- we should have done research better because it was hard to find actual jazz - found everything but until the very end of the night.  Each bar has a one drink per set minimum so be sure to try not to go in right at the end of a set. 

    The day after we went to Jackson Square, walked around that area, went into the Mardi Gras museum that is right by the church, which was pretty neat.  We also went to a Voodoo museum.  We walked aroun the stores along the river, and ate beignets at Cafe DuMonde.  We had trouble filling up the whole day but wish we could have stayed for more than one night just to hear more music!  When we went it was still pretty soon after Katrina so that it was highly recommended not to leave the French Quarter -- don't know if that has changed by now, but I would have loved to have seen some other parts of the city.  There used to be a trolley that would drive you up and down State Street where all the old mansions are.  There is a warehouse across the river that has old Mardi Gras floats that is supposed to be really neat.....

    Hope some of this helps!

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    I love NO so much!  It's a fantastic town with so much to offer.

    The French Quarter is a must.  If you go there, please please visit the Famous Door bar.  I did search and rescue in NO right after Katrina hit.  There was no one in the city (it was completely locked down.)  This bar stayed open through the storm (really the only one) and would serve rescue workers and fire peronnel drinks for free when we had time off.  Great people and a wonderful place!

    The aquarium is a lot of fun.  While you are down there, the is a wonderful outdoor area along the river with places to eat and drink.  The Riverwalk Mall is pretty cool.  It runs right along the river and is wonderful to walk around.  I recommend visiting the visitors center and getting a city map first.  Then take the trolley tour around the city to see how it's laid out and where everything is.

    As the PP said, Jackson Square and Cafe DuMonde are great places to visit.  There are also 2 national parks in the city.  You definitely need to see some jazz while your there.  The music is wonderful!

    I'll dig up some of my pictures to see what places we ate at and visited.

    NO is a different type of town.  As long as you have an open mind and just go with the flow of the city, you'll have a fantastic time.
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    I stayed at the Sheraton right off of Burbon street and it was great.  We were in walking distance to all of the main attractions:  Burbon Street, The French Quarter, The Harrahs Casino, the river front, etc.  Plus, the could arrange transport to several other areas of the city to tour, like the haunted places, large homes, etc.

     Just like everyone said above.....the French Quarter.  There are tons of things to see and great places tucked in every corner to eat.  I would avoid eating on Burbon street because the food is not that great and it's over priced.  There are alot of theme restaurants too (Hard Rock, Bubba Gump, etc.)  Make sure you eat real gumbo and real red beans and rice.  There is a straw market right on the edge of the river front and French Quarter which is interesting.  

    I do recommend, if you like adult beverages, that if you go down Burbon street, through the red light district section, there is a bar that sells "hand granades".  It is some type of adult beverage that is awesome!!

    Either way, you can't really go wrong in NO.  Tons to do....
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    We just spent a week in NOLA last October & had a blast. For hotels, I highly recommend either of the Valentino family hotels - The Place d'Armes (a little hidden treasure literally 1 building from the corner of Jackson square; book through their site for the best rates. I recommend getting a room with a window, but not necessarily a balcony) or the Hotel St. Marie (1 block off Burbon). They're a local family, the rates are pretty good, & you're in the heart of the Quarter. They have a free breakfast, but forget it - you'll be within sight of the best breakfast in the world: beignets at Café du Monde!

    For food, Muriels is on the corner, beside the hotel. There's Arnaud's & Galitoire's - both filled with locals. Make sure to walk or take the streetcar to Mother's (1 block north of Harrah's) for the best sandwich in the world - the Ferdi. Lunch at the Commander's Palace in the garden district is also awesome. Who doesn't love burbon coated bread pudding & 25 cent martinis for lunch?

    I could go on & on. It's fun, it's's prettymuch anything you want it to be. Pick up the latest copy of The Unofficial Guide to New Orleans & have a blast. Here's a few pics from our trip:

    And feel free to email me at laudanum1 at yahoo dot com if you have any more questions. HTH

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    Thank you all!!! I can't wait to check it out!
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