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Nightlife on wedding night?

Hi there!
We are getting married in vegas and will have dinner at a nice restaruant. Only 4 people. AFter we would like to go to a nice cluba and preferable have a table. Dancing is important:) 

Can you please recomend some?

Take care

Re: Nightlife on wedding night?

  • What night of the week, general location and whats your club budget?  Table service in Vegas can be crazy sometimes.

    Married in Vegas - June 2011

  • Hi!
    We are 4 people and its a thursday. I am n ot sure about the budget. In worst case I will pay the Bank at  Bellagio 700 dollars ink gratitudes and tax  but I would prefer alot less:)
    Appreciate all help
    Have a nice evning:) 
  • Check out Chris is great. He's also mentioned on vegasgroom. He might be able to get you discounted table prices.
  • Hi!
    Thank you very much. 

    Still alot of money... Is there any good way of having a guaranteed good time without a table wiht bottle? Are we not allowed to sit at all if we don´t do that?
    Take care
  • Thanks:) sent mail
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